Oravisun is an enterprise technology service provider with focus on implementing Oracle Applications and solution engineering services to enterprise customers across the world.

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality long-term sustainable solutions at lowest cost possible.

At Oravisun, we provide a full range of consulting services from selecting the apt Product, Project Management, Implementations, to Technical as well as Functional help and many more services.

We have a high caliber team which consists of many former Oracle employees who have good depth and breadth of Oracle technologies.

We offer cost effective superior quality services with unparalleled agility and ROI to our customers for their long term success. Cost effectiveness is possible as we are located in India.

With our unparalleled leadership, technical as well as functional expertise and highly skilled workforce,
we deliver tangible business benefits.

Krishna Motepalli

Founder and CEO Krishna Motepalli started Oravisun in 2020 to provide high level of service at lowest cost possible for the companies using Oracle Applications and Technologies. He was a former Oracle employee who worked for Oracle US and Oracle India for over 2 decades and his close to 30 years of experience had been spent in Oracle technologies and enterprise applications. We always work to stay true to his original vision - always provide the best to our customers